Rapid Protect delivers a set of mobile enabled services and applications for individuals and businesses. We combine location information with many innovative services to enable individual safety, security and collaboration. A similar set of services are offered for the business customers. RapidProtect delivers these innovative services using a custom developed Rapid Service Delivery Platform (RSDP) that delivers multi-point security, mapping/tracking, alerting, messaging and many other collaboration services. The company has integrated several patent pending technologies in the platform. This has enabled us to offer many unique services to our customers by combining advance technologies such as communications, media, security, voice and on-demand collaboration.

Check out our award winning mobile applications for Personal and Corporate use. Whether you are an individual or a business, we have an application to meet your needs of security, safety and collaboration to achieve higher productivity. Rapid Protect, Rapid Tracker and Safe Drive Apps are designed for the protection of family and securely sharing information. Business applications are designed for workforce management, safety, security and productivity enhancements.

RapidProtect applications are available on all Mobile Phone platforms- iPhone, Android, Blackberry, J2ME (Symbian), and Brew. Our web enabled secure interface to the custom data, lets you interact and access information from the desktops of your home and office. If you are looking for supported services and peace of mind for ensuring the safety of your family members or business associates or looking for tools to enhance business productivity using location based services, RapidProtect application should be on the phones of every member of your family or the business.


Family Safety: Track your family or friends real-time location using any Smart Phones


Family Collaboration: Share Data and organize events


Crime Monitoring: The automatic search tool can provide information about criminal nearby your location


Home Safety: It is a comforting feeling to know your home is being looked after & protected 24/7 with Rapid Product Products



Field Force Tracker: Field Force Tracker - A Comprehensive Field Service Management Solution


GPS Assisted Tracker: We are actively helping companies around the world to build GPS tracking businesses to keep eye on business


Field Asset Tracker: Vehicle tracking devices specifically designed to provide web-based GPS tracking services for a "fleet" of vehicles.


Workforce Management: Innovative, Feature Rich, Easy to use, Time & Attendance, Labour Scheduling & Absence Management Solutions.

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Procedure for Adding and Removing New Members in Member list from Mobile Application
There are two ways to add new members in your member list from Mobile Application

1) Once user sign in or sign up successfully in app, user's profile image will be shown on the map along with "+" icon. User need to press "+" icon image to add a new member and afterword user has to fill up the required details along with email id of that member to whom user send an invitation.

2) Go to the Dashboard of mobile application and press Invite Members Icon and follow same process will as described above after pressing on "+". Default limit to add members is 2 per subscription. Note: User can increase limit up to 5 members (additional payment required).

There are two ways to add remove members in your member list from Mobile Application

1) When user keep press on "member's" image at main map screen, then user will be notified to delete that particular member. When user will press OK button then selected member will be deleted from user member list. If user press "'No'" button then alert will be disappear and member will not be deleted from user member list."

2) On Member Details screen there is a Delete button at right top corner. If user will press "'delete'" button then an alert will appear for delete a particular members. When user will press OK button then member will be deleted from user list. If user will press "'No'" button then alert will be disappear and member will not be deleted from user member list."

"Along with the quality and dependable GPS Family Safety products that RapidProtect offers, and the customer service that Company provides is why I have chosen RapidProtect Tracking applications over the numbered companies in this industry.

RapidProtect provides immediate and effective support when it is most needed for daily use of my family. RapidProtect application goes above and beyond that which I would expect for this industry. The quality and professionalism of RapidProtect's products and customer support is why I entrust my GPS needs with RapidProtect, and no one else."

-Martin S. (California)

"I had discussed my requirement of Employee tracking system along with Task reporting system for critical use in my business. RapidProtect Company has offered me a quick turnaround to customise the product in line with my needs in just 15 days!!

Unbelievable!!!! What an excellent product and company strength to develop GPS customised Mobile and Web products. The service and support of RapidProtect app is also very appreciable. The product was set up for me and incredibly easy to use for my employee too.

The charges for the service are reasonable and the quality of service is outstanding! I will continue to use RapidProtect services for all my personal as well as business tracking needs."

-Tom (Princeton, NJ)
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