About us

Overall vision of Rapid Protect is to take care of security and collaboration needs of the individuals and businesses. We have combined the technologies to create a unique set of applications for consumers and businesses that make you safe and help you collaborate with family members and associates. All our applications use location information so we can say that location information is a key component of all our applications and services. We provide these services using a Web based platform and mobile applications developed for all leading mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, J2ME (Symbian) and Brew operating Systems.

We are a privately funded company started by technology executives with over 25 years in the technology industry. We have deep roots in the development of hardware and software solutions.

Our Vision for your comprehensive security

Rapid Protect is about saftey security and collaboration. But for us security has a much broader meaning. We are a technology company and like to use technology to solbe the problems. Security for us has a broad meaning - it means security of people , place and possessions and collaborations between family members. We need to secure people that we know, the things they possess or value, and the places they visit or own.

Personal security

It is ensured by using personal tracking, message checkins, emergency alerts, weather alert, geo fencing people so that they don't leave certain area, alerting them all kind of dangers such as sex-offenders etc. Remote Monitoring of elderly is very important in our society since most old persons live by themselves. We have solutions that integrate with their monitoring in some form.

Place security

It is done by monitoring place where they live or work if possible. It means ability to integrate system with security devices in the homes and cars etc. Such as integrating with various alerts and security system etc. It may also include monitoring cars with some standard GPS devices. We may be able to open car doors or home doors using our phones. We intend to do everything here. To achieve this we are on collaborating with other partners that are helping us to achieve our vision. Our value-add here is integration of the solutions in our product than development of these software/hardware.

Possession security

It means securing whatever we possess as family. So what is important? A lot of information is very important. For instance, our phone is becoming very important - with so much important and personal data on it - it is almost like losing your briefcase with important papers, laptop and wallet.

Collaboration and Communications:

The tracking and checkins are useful - but security only comes in play if we see the environment around us has deteriorated. In normal circumstances - family needs to talk to one another, chat one another and leave messages to one another. This is where our product shines. We provide text messaging, voice messaging (record and send), notes sharing, calendar event sharing (e.g., school and sports events), contact sharing, personal reminders and chatting in the product to facilitate this.

Personal Solutions

These products are geared for personal safety and security of consumers and their loved ones. You can monitor a person's where about, find out if they are in the safe location or not and then collaborate and share a variety of stuff with them. The overall goal is to free up your time and improve quality of life.

Business Solutions

Whatever is applicable to personal needs can be applied to business solutions. We have specailly created business solutions that help companies increase productivity. The underlying principles are the same. A number of our products have been designed to enabel businesses succeed in today mobile workforce and manage them more effectively.

Rapid Protect is about safety and Security.

Stay safe and connected by your Private Safety Channel

Rapid Protect primarily focuses on individual's safety and peace of mind. It is the trusted name and a global leader in Mobile family safety. Rapid Protect is the ultimate safety channel and latest technique in mobile family safety. It converts your cell phones into safety device which helps to connect with your family 24X7. It takes into account the increasing concern of parents.

Rapid Protect App Provides 24x7 Safety For You

Rapid Protect has been a long time trusted name in mobile family safety that helps families see where their loved ones are located, gives alert in case they need any help and keep an eye on what the threats around them. It is a family security and safety application that gives a peace of mind.

For example, A family is shifting to new location need to know the threats around the location for the safety of family, they can request a Check In and get the peace of mind from knowing whether the place is safe or not.

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