Family Collaboration

We at Rapid Protect built a Family-Centered platform to strengthen family bonds by providing you features that help you collaborate with your family members. In today's busy life, family members are always mobile. Whether you are running your children to sports activities or driving them to their after school hour enrichment programs, you always have need to maintain connectivity with other family members. Rapid Protect has a built a robust set of collaboration services in its platform and applications. These serviecs increase your productivity and frees up your time to do things that you always wanted to so. We have added many exciting collaboration serviecs be it to share your data like pictures, audio, videos or share doctor's appointment reminders, rapid Protect does it all for you. Please check availability of a feature with your plan as not all features arae available on every phone app. Some features may be in limited release and will have general release as soon as we beleive that they are ready for wider use.

Integrated Chat

Between work, school, and life, it's easy to feel frazzled. A family that is not connected at all times is going to spend far more time in coordinating activities than doing those activities. Therefore, we have provided the chatting in the program itself, if you need to chat with another family members, just use the chat feature of the application. No more expensive SMSes that can cost as much as 10 cents to send.

What is even more that we propvide you general chat that lets you with any one with a gmail account s we integrated the google chat for you. So why limit chatting just with a family. But if you need to chat within the family than we will have a family option as well.

Powerful Custom Message Check-Ins With Photos

Rapid Protect app can do location based checkins in the system. How about saying to your family that you will be in a Hotel from 2 to 4PM? Or letting your family member know that your just checked in a beautiful Hotel a new destination? With Rapid Protect application, all your checkins have automatically tagged with the location information. This information is not shared with anyone except with your family members only. They will need secure access to get to read your chekins.

But that is not all. With Rapid Protect series of applications, you can checking with photos. With every checking message you can add a photo. This will make your family know not only where you are and how safe you are but exactly see the things around you.

Audio and Video Messaging

Rapid Protect is the only platform where you don't need to text. If you don't like texting, no worries. Rapid Protect's audio engine will take care of audio and video messaging. You can record and leave audio messages for your family members. We can even support full audio to text conversion and can deliver your messages as text or as audioi (add on services). Similarly Rapid Protect platform intetgrates extensive text to audio capabilities where you text messages can be delivered as audio messages (add on services.). There is no other platform that can support multi-media messaging that we can.

With so many variety of messaging technologies embedded in Rapid Protect platform, families can choose what is best for them to communicate. They can text and chat, they can do voice messaging or they can record and leave video messages for one another.

Shared Calendar and Event Reminders

A shared calendar can help relieve the pressure by allowing everybody to keep track of the chaotic comings and going ons. Centralized online calendar the whole family can access. Send appointment reminders by text or email and get an agenda for the upcoming week sent direct to your inbox.

Rapid Protect Lists Manager. Never forget what you need to do

Rapid Protect's List Manager is a central location for all your family-related lists. Keep track of the things you need to do, the things you need to buy, the items you own and all other things that you need to remember.

Create your own Planning lists, Shopping Lists, Media Lists, Recipe lists, and lists for all the other stuff you want to keep track of. Keep track of who you've lent things to and when they will be returned.

Got a picnic trip next month? Create a list of everything you need to take and check them off when they are packed. Include things you still need to purchase and add them to your Shopping lists. Make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

You can save your lists for later use, so for that next camping trip, you won't have to recreate your list from scratch. Of course you can also print out the list to take with you or even e-mail it to yourself or someone else.

Shared To Do Lists

Track and manage the things that need to get done. Assign a member of the family to a list, or keep a shared to do list everyone can access. You can even send a list by email or text to anyone in the family.

Shopping Lists

Rapid Protect app can help you prepare your shopping lists and share with a selected family memebr. It help you remember your grocery lists and shopping lists so you don't have to. Send a list by text message or email. Never be without your list again.

Family Vault

Rapid Protect provides a family vault, a secure area for the families. The Family Vault is a very secure area within the system for storing all your sensitive important documents, like medical records, passport or credit card copies, birth certificates, and banking information. In the event of a disaster, you can rest assured that your data will be safe, secure and always available. We use highest level of encryption algorithm to encrypt the data or the document and each vault has multiple layers of security.

We have some features of the family vault is not yet publicly released. Wait for announcements in the next few weeks.

Social Media Integration

While we want to keep most information within the families. But there is often need to share events, reminder and location with friends and other extended family members who don't have a Rapid Protecrt product. We fully understand that. The best option for you is to invite them and intruduce to Rapid Protect products. The second best is of course to post the information that you need to share using our social media connect facility.

Rapid Protect application come with ability to optionally share your checkin information with Facebook and Twitter. We recommend that you use this feature very carefully because it is never a good idea to let other people know your location. So, use your common sense to determine what should remain in the public domain and what should remain in the family domain.

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