Family Safety

In a rapidly changing security environment with all kinds of natural and manmade threats around us, the well being of family members is a major concern for all of us. Adults worry about their childrens' or elderly parents' whereabouts and well being at all times. Accidents, terrible attacks, kidnapping, sexual attacks and terrorist events occur every day in some part of the world. The ability to use all available resources and channels to provide quick help to family members when needed is very important. This growing urgency of personal and family safety is what RapidProtect is trying to address with a set of integrated technologies that include mobile applications, voice technologies, collaboration tools and other data enabled services.

Family Location Tracking

Rapid Protect uses GPS Location services and tracks the exact location of your family members. The support for non-GPS location is also available on selective basis. It alerts you when they are in trouble, using the app's innovative check-in feature. There are many incidents that have occurred recently, in which someone abducted or attempted to abduct a child. This app will allow you to locate and protect your loved ones in time and prevent these unfortunate incidents from taking place. You can check their last location and act immediately, even if their phone is switched off or has run out of the battery. In case of any natural catastrophe like earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes etc, you can find the exact location of your loved ones and help them immediately if they need.

Integrated Sex Offender Search

If you are planning to buy a house or looking for a school for your children, Rapid Protect.s sex offender search feature will come in handy. If your kids walk to and from school, you want your kids and yourself to feel safe. The sex offender search will help you locate convicted sex offenders in the area. Sex Offender search is only available in Rapid Protect application and the data is available only for the US.

Having a family safety app on your finger tips can give you a lot of relief when it comes to security. Many of us work in offices to support our families and sometimes we have no choice but to leave our kids at home. Our parents and grandparents live alone and we worry about their safety all the time. Sometimes we have sleepless nights when we send our children out in the night for a social event, worrying as to whether they are safe or not. We cannot be with them all the time due to our jobs and other important commitments, but fortunately, this revolutionary family safety app can keep us connected and informed whenever need be.

Advanced Tracking Features Support

A key feature of the personal tracking services is the website control panel. Through this password protected user interface, the customer can locate their family members. Through the mapping software, users can see street address detail for the location of their device, or zoom out to get a wide-angle or bird.s eye view of the person's location. Users can define a territory, known as a Geofence or Safety Zone, in which the family members can move freely but when the person travels outside the Geofenced territory, an alert is immediately sent to a cell phone or email designated by the user. The user can locate the person through the online web panel, or use the cell phone option (must have internet capabilities). The SOS interface allows for multiple notifications. For example, if a child, or an adult with Alzheimer's is being tracked and activates the SOS, an alert can be sent to persons you designate.

Weather Alerts and Natural Disasters

we are fortunate to live in an age and country where our technology can now give us advanced warnings of impending hazards and natural disasters. Knowing where and how you can receive the warnings and what to do when you get them can mean the difference between life and death. The local weather information is integrated in the app. It is designed to provide time critical information of natural dangers such as snow and rain. New alerts for severe weather is being added soon. In addition the app will give you information on how our citizens, business and communities can be sure they use critical warnings, what they mean and how to react.

Web Access And Monitoring Interface

We have created a web interface based panel for our subscribers. By doing a login n the system, you can see location of your family members, there checkins information. Our web interface also let you set geo-points for them.Therefore, when you are in office or work place, it is easy to keep track where your family members are at a particular time. You can use any browser and Internet connected workstation in your office. The peace of mind knowing that your family is safe is worth in gold.

Panic Alerts

Rapid Protect puts a Panic Button on your family member.s cell phone. When they press the button an alert is immediately sent to the emergency contact listed in their profile. The alert is sent as an email and text message, and via system dialed number (optional). This information along with their current locations is then passed to the emergency contact.

You never know when danger can strike. The Panic button is an easy to access option on the app menu. If calling is too dangerous, the Panic Button sends a discrete text message and email with family member.s location and personal information.

We recommend that if it is a life threatening situation you call 911 emergency services first and then use the panic button since emergency contact may not respond as fast as 911 services can and will. Secondly, law enforcement people are the only one that are equipped to deal with life threatening situations with proper speed and tools.

Multiple Mode of Safety Alerts

The system will support multiple mode of safety alerts. Every member can create emergency contacts for his account. The system will keep this information in the database. And when it needs to generate an alarm, it will use this information. The system will generate alerts by email, by SMS or by phone calls (coming soon). So no matter where your family memebers are, if they are unsafe , the system will attempt to let you know as soon as it can. This will allow you to mobilize help as quickly as possible.

Evolving Safety and Security Services

This is not all. Our team is working hard to add new services to the app and integrating cutting edge technologies to make you and your family safe. Your time is valueable and hence we are adding powerful collaboration features. We are adding new security servives in the app that get beyond individuals and cover all aspects of safety. Our aim is to integrate your home, office and your world in Rapid Protect. No matter where you are, or your family is Rapid Protect will provide a safety circle around individuals, your home and work space.

Driver Safety Tools

In addtion to Rapid Protect and Rapid Tracker, family location enabled services, Rapid Protect produces applications for driver safety. If a user is driving over certain preset speed, their ability to send and receive text message is blocked. This can be a life saver since many lives are lost due to distracted driving every year.

But that is not all. Rapid Protect's driver safety apps can be used to auto answer incoming text messages. Therefore, a driver can safely auto answer to other side without getting distracted. This application is a complementary application to Rapid Protect.

Be Part Of Our Product Evolution RoadMap

Rapid Protect has a plan to add long list of new services and features. The new features will be released with every new release as soon as testing is completed. However, if you are our customer and have a need of specific features, do let us know using the suggestion tab at the right. We will be very happy to incorporate your suggestions or needs in our Application and services.

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