Rapid Protect GPS Time Tracker

Rapid Protect GPS TimeTrack and WorkForce Management Software, organizations can control all their field operation. Organizations with employees in the field can see their exact locations on Google Maps in near real time, plan their schedules, gather data from the field and simplify the payroll process. We provide you tools to interact with your field staff in real time. With the most sophisticated work force management application in the market, you can assign employee to shifts and locations and map them in the real time. As one of the world.s leading mobile enterprise solutions, Rapid Protect GPS TimeTrack helps organizations meet their productivity and service goals for about $1 per day per user.

Rapid Protect GPS TimeTrack consists of a downloadable app for mobile devices available for all major Mobile platforms, a secure cloud-hosted management console that can be accessed from any web-browser, and optional data exchange and integration. Rapid Protect WorkForce Management Solution include a powerful work scheduling and assignment software that lets you assign workers to different locations and update their time schedules in real time.

Rapid Protect Mobile App

Using any GPS-enabled mobile device, the Rapid Protect GPS TimeTrack mobile app collects and reports location, time and job information in near real time, giving you the immediate information you need to make daily operational decisions and the historical trends data you need to assess and improve the overall productivity and performance of your mobile employees.

With the Rapid Protect GPS TimeTrack mobile app, your mobile employees can:

Streamline mobile data collection and communication with operations or dispatch managers

  • Simply click to start/stop time for shifts, breaks and jobs; supervisors can optionally clock in their staff
  • Effortlessly provide location information with near real time GPS tracking
  • Communicate receipt, acceptance and status of job assignments from the office.
  • Receive messages from dispatch or operations staff as needed
  • Use easy forms to capture job-specific data, such as use of inventory, patient information, or proof of delivery
  • Take photos, get electronic signatures or scan bar codes to provide full job documentation

Rapid Protect Management Web Console

Accessible through any web browser connected to the Internet, the Rapid Protect GPS TimeTrack secure cloud-hosted management console allows you to quickly and easily configure the mobile app, monitor employees, jobs and locations, make real-time decisions that deliver optimal service levels and generate reports to analyze and improve overall business performance.

With the Rapid Protect management console, your managers can:

Gain near real time visibility into employees, jobs and locations.

  • View your employees, jobs and locations using Google maps
  • Generate an employee list that summarizes login/GPS status, current location and total hours worked so you.ll always have a handle on your entire workforce
  • Click to view or edit details on each employee, job or location, including job assignments
  • Oversee jobs with an instant view into the status, assigned employee and location of every job
  • Automatically compile all job details such as start/end times, photos, signatures or other electronic forms data gathered in the field
  • Measure the time employees spend traveling between and at each job location
  • Easily create geofences to keep you informed when employees enter or leave certain geographic areas.

Automate and validate payroll with tamper proof electronic timecards.

  • Say goodbye to errors, disputes and wasted time collecting and recording paper timecards.
  • Enable employees to capture exact start/stop times for jobs, visits or their workday, and automatically submit electronic timecards.
  • Ensure compliance with labor laws by having employees electronically record break start/stop times.
  • Take control of overtime pay by monitoring employee hours as they near the limits of regular pay.
  • Validate hours worked with automatic date, time and location stamps on all electronic timecards.
  • Schedule regular email delivery of payroll reports . to yourself or your payroll team.

Improve service levels with smarter job dispatch and management.

  • Create jobs directly or upload them from your existing dispatch system
  • Automatically gather job progress information with employee location, time and completion status
  • Easily update job information and push new assignments to employees in the field
  • Keep customers informed of employee arrival times with GPS location and status information
  • Speed customer response times by dispatching the closest employee to fill incoming job requests

Capture better data from the field with electronic forms.

  • Save time and go paperless with employees completing forms on their mobile devices, eliminating the time, cost and errors of manual data entry.
  • Put an end to the struggle with lost or incomplete paperwork and sloppy handwriting.
  • Easily configure forms to collect anything from starting odometer readings to inventory used and employee expense information.
  • Turn your mobile employees into business intelligence agents by equipping them with simple forms to gather job details, competitive information and even pictures.

Get instant alerts on business conditions that require immediate attention.

  • Define alerts based a broad range of criteria to meet your needs, such as:
    • Employee activity -. start/stop travel, enter/leave location, pay hours exceeds a set limit;
    • Job activity . status, assignment, start/completion time, duration exceeds a set limit;
    • GPS activity . speeding, enter/exit specific areas, change direction.
  • Specify any list of individuals who should be notified for each particular alert, including the employee who triggers the alert
  • Evaluate employee track record for triggering alerts to correct or reward behavior as needed

Generate powerful reports to help assess operational performance.

  • Choose from over 30 pre-configured reports or create new reports around your exact needs.
  • Schedule reports to be delivered by email at any frequency, saving you time in getting information to the right people on time.
  • Analyze historical data to assess and improve employee productivity, payroll costs, job performance and service satisfaction levels.
  • Export reports into spreadsheets that can be easily imported into other back-office systems to assess sales productivity, job costing, merchandizing effectiveness, expense management, and more.

Generate ROI quickly with cloud-based deployment and easy administration.

  • Get faster time to value with cloud-based deployment that minimizes overhead and gives you flexibility to grow.
  • Specify different access profiles so you can control who sees what information in your organization.
  • Achieve a competitive advantage by providing your customers with visibility into appropriate areas of the system, such as a employee location map, so they can check job status/progress themselves
  • Organize your employees into teams and groups for simplified administration and more targeted reporting and trends analysis.

Getting Started With Rapid Protect GPS TimeTrack

  1. Select devices for your mobile employees from those supported by your wireless carrier
  2. Download the Rapid Protect mobile app to each device to begin transmitting location, time and job information
  3. Log into the Rapid Protect secure cloud-based management console to configure the mobile app, set up alerts and access or schedule delivery of reports

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