Home Safety

The need for a 24-hour monitored protection is critical now more than ever. With the help of Rapid Protect Products focus on safety of your home, your business and personal security are our top priorities. We are experts in the field of Home Safety Products and you place in us a level of trust far beyond that of most every other service provider in your life.

RapidProtect team is working on providing innovative solutions for home networks. We have over 20 years experience in the product development and that expertise is coming to benefit all our customers. We are developing sensor based solutions that will allow you integrate a series of sensors in your home for controlling and monitoring your home from anywhere in the world using RapidProtect applications. The benefits of these tools are discussed below.

Smart Home Management

RapidProtect mobile apps can be used to control our custom developed remote sensors at home and offices. Our series of sensors based products will allow controlling various appliances at home as well as monitoring the environment at your home using RapidProtect App. Our hardware development team is in the final phase of testing and will be announcing a series of products very soon.

Smart Home Security

RapidProtect mobile apps can be used to control security sensors at home and program them. We are in the final phase of testing our products, and the products will be available shortly.

Smart Health Solutions

RapidProtect series of products will integrate with a number of home based medical equipments. We are in the process of providing ECG Meter, Gluco Meter, Heart Rate Monitor and temperature meter.

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