Location Server

Rapidsoft's location platform, RapidLocator (TM), serves the foundation for new mobile apps that are location aware.

Rapidsoft's Mobile Location platform is a client servers solution that enable Mobile location services. The solutions is an integrated mobile location platform that comprises of the server, client side applications and other serviecs. The solution, being marketed as the Mobile Location service Platform, works on most major handsets and will enable app developers to enable location based services. Rapidsoft's Rapid Locator, platform is a great way to move into it and provide the context that an app needs.

Location Services Components

Location services are enablesd via rest based Web APIs. The system calls can be usef to locate any device and also map it with various point of interests solutions.

The component of the system are:
  • Location Database: geographically aware database hosted in the cloud, specifically optimised to store and query location data very fast.
  • Contextual Information Merge: The system will merge relevant contextual information for a given location such as geographic boundaries, weather, and demographic information.
  • Location Business Mapper: A database of super high-quality business listings and points of interest (POIs) from around the world for use in your location-aware applications.
  • Server Side Location APIs: Easy to Use Server Side APIs for developing location aware applications fast. Full integration support is provided.
  • Device Side Location APIs: Easy to Use APIs for various Mobile Deviecs developing location aware applications fast. Full integration support is provided by the Rapidsoft System's engineering team.

About System Location APIs and SDK

These Clients and SDKs were developed by Rapidsoft Systems team and are fully supported by our team. We're always working to improve our Clients and SDKs to make it easier for you to develop location-aware applications.
We have a team of dedicated engineer to help on any integration issues. We can even integrate this for you, if so required.

The platform is the simple way to create low-cost location-aware services. The idea is to make life easy for developers who are creating location aware apps, from maps to social networks. The key benefit of the platform is that it runs fast and can accommodate fast-growing apps where lots of users sign up at the same time. New services and apps can be operational within minutes.

Rapidsoft Systems already has several applications that are using the platform, which has been in a beta stage until now. The platform consists of a smart database, which is a pay-as-you-go system that allows users to store location data and perform location-based queries efficiently. The other feature of the platform is that we provide developers find and use a bunch of location-related tools and sources of location-based data. The developers can access the data via an easy APIS that we provide.

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