Workforce Management

Manage your mobile workforce.

RapidProtect Field WorkForce Manager is a powerful web and mobile application that offers location management, driving directions, job dispatch and more. Field Force Manager has two parts: a power web-based management application at the home office and a mobile phone console for remote employees. We provide you tools to interact with your field staff in real time. With the most sophisticated work force management application in the market, you can assign employee to shifts and locations and map them in the real time.

Field Force Manager can help your company in three ways:

- Real Time Location Management

With our mobile applications tracking your employees are as simple as getting online. Their current location will always be visible to you. You can see where employees are now, where they've been, even how fast they're driving. And you can set up email or text alerts when employees speed or go off-route. This will allow you to better utilize your field staff, manage shifts and other work assignments.

- Mobile Based Electronic Timecards

Gathering accurate time card is very difficult when your employees are in the field such as a construction site or some other remote locations. With Rapid Protect, You can keep employees in the field, where they belong. All you need to do is give them the tools to submit timecards on their mobile phones. You can easily track breaks and lunches, and accurately bill to different jobs. Organizations can save tons of money by giving themselves the tools to automatically link to timecard data to your payroll system. No more keying handwritten timecards.

- Job Dispatch

When you have multiple sites or running a service organization, dispatching workers optimaally is always a challenge. Manual scheduling of worker is very error prone and time consuming. Our applications let employee report their job assignment and competion reports from the field. With this information in place, you can send the nearest employees to each job, saving time and fuel. Track jobs at every stage and keep records. All of which means faster, better service and happier customers.

Field Force Tracker - A Comprehensive Field Service Management Solution

Field Force Tracker™, Service schedule and route quickly, dispatch sooner, collect accurate information immediately in the field and invoice faster. Our field service software makes it easy for you to eliminate waste, get more done in less time and be more profitable. Read More...

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